Beards in Islam

I felt I should share some valuable insights into Beard in Islam. At the end, you will find a quote from a different page of my blog (Itekaaf series). I do not intend any disrespect to my brothers.

The complete material may take about 30-40 minutes and it will be,
insha Allah, worth it.

Excerpts from my previous blog post:

Beards: I found too many senior citizens of 60-80 years with clean-shaven faces. I remember seeing the dead body of an elderly person in the funeral prayers held in the masjid last year. I lined up along with others to see him.When I saw his face which was clean-shaven , I thought I should not leave this world without a beard. How will we face Allah and His angels. Allah’s Messengers wore beards. Shariah says one should not imitate the other gender in dress and physical make up. Men should not imitate women and vice-versa. A scholar from Safa Baitul Maal addressed the gathering in the first week of Ramadan and said one commits minor and major sins in a second e.g.: lying, getting angry, hurting someone etc., and can seek Allah’s forgiveness. But shaving off beard is a 24/7 sin which is to be avoided.

I met this elderly gentleman by the name Jamal saheb of Guntur district who is 92 years old. Jamal saheb is of the same age of my dad, if he were to be alive. He is a regular at prayers and Mashallah, he prays standing up. He speaks only Telugu. He cannot fast these days. He wears a beard. One day, I asked him how he started a beard and at what age. He said he wore a beard for the first time at the age of 30 when he was accosted by an elderly person in the masjid. He told him something to the effect “You are regular in your prayers but you don’t wear a beard. It is good for you and Shaytan will keep away from you. It will help you control yourself from committing sins. People will treat you with respect.” This elderly gent held on to Jamal saheb’s hands for almost one hour till Jamal saheb agreed to start a beard. Jamal saheb said in Telugu as under. “Gaddam penchina tarwata, manakey chedda panulu cheyataniki siggu wastundi. Bhaya padatamu. Emayina tappudu panulu chestey, janalu antaru “Budhi leda neeku, gaddam penchukuni kuda elati panulu chestawa?” (After growing a beard, we will feel ashamed to commit sins. If you do any wrong things, people will say “Have you got no sense, you are doing such things even after growing a beard.”) Jamal saheb says one has better self-control after growing a beard. I liked his point of view. I laughed a lot when he said budhi leda neeku. I repeat this sometimes to Jamal saheb as a joke and he also laughs.

Jamal saheb.jpg

Jamal saheb near Foodworld

I accosted a dozen elderly people who are retired or on the verge of retirement and advised them to grow a beard. All of them listened. Some promised to do it. I found four people have successfully grown beards during Ramadan and are continuing. I found strange responses from some people. A guy said he was warned by his daughter (a teenager attending a girl’s madarsa) that he need not come to the madarsa to pick her up for the weekend without a beard!!


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